In your life, you will face some decisions that are so serious that you will want to consult others. These are decisions that will affect your life and your health. In the following questions, you are asked to apply the Great Decisions model to a decision you have made with the help of others.

1). Give thought to the problem: In what decision did you need to involve a team, your parents, a teacher, or your friends? Who was the best person to work with on this problem?

A: I needed to involve my family in my decision of whether to transfer to another school or to remain in my previous school. The greatest people to work with this problem, however, was my mother and my eldest sister.

2). Review your choices: Many times the choices are not only pro and con. Were there multiple ways to solve this problem? If so, what were they?

A: Yes, there were three ways to solve this problem. The solutions were to either attend the alterative school I am currently enrolled in now, remain in my previous school, or to attend a public school.

3). Evaluate the consequences of each choice: Were any of these choices unpopular? If so, which ones? Would these choices have affected others? If so, how?

A: To attend the alternative school in which I am currently enrolled was considered an unpopular choice, especially to those who attend a public school. However, this choice would only affect my family, particularly my mother, as they would need to provide transportation and meet with the teacher on a weekly basis.

4). Assess and choose the best choice: What were the things that entered into your decision? Did you need support in order to carry out this decision?

A: There were many negative thoughts in which entered my mind before making this decision. Therefore, I certainly needed the support of my family in order to carry it out.

5). Think it over afterward: How did you feel about this decision after you carried it out? If you had to face this decision again, what, if anything, would you do differently?

A: I felt as though I had made a wonderful decision after I carried it out. And if I was faced with this decision again, I would choose the same path as I am walking now.

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