1. The US Senate is composed of 2 senators from each of the 50 states. For a treaty to be ratified, at least two-thirds of the senators present must approve the treaty. Suppose all senators are present and 48 of them have voted in favor of a treaty. What are the possible numbers of additional senators who must vote in favor of the treaty to ratify it?

at least 12 senators
at least 18 senators
at least 19 senators
at least 20 senators

How do you solve this?

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  1. 2/3 * 100 = ? senators needed to pass the treaty. (Hint: round up since we don't usually see a fraction of a senator.)

    Subtract 48 from your answer.

  2. Ok got it thanks!

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  3. You're welcome.

  4. I don’t understand

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    posted by Bsjdjs
  5. yeah what’s the answrr

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