Solve the equation for d


I had d=-16

1. distribute
2. 0.2d-1.2=0.3d+5-3+0.1d
3. 0.2d=0.4d+3.2
4. -0.2d=3.2
5. divide
6. d= -16
I even did a check

Is this correct? Thanks for checking my work

asked by B8
  1. Correct

    posted by Kg
  2. Thanks because I thought I was correct but my friend got 5 1/3 for the same work
    +1.2 to each side
    then taking 0.40d to each side
    divide each side by0.6 giving her 5 1/3
    so where did se go wrong, so I can help her out

    posted by B8
  3. 0.2d - 0.4d does not equal 0.6


    0.2d - 0.4d = 2 + 1.2

    -0.2d = 3.2

    d = 3.2/-0.2

    d = -16

    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. Thank you.

    posted by B8
  5. You're welcome.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  6. 0.2(d-6)=0.3d+5-3+0.1d

    posted by Dilnoza

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