a picture 8 in. by 12 in. is placed in a frame which has a uniform width. if the area of the frame is equal to the area of the picture, find the dimension of the frame

(if you would,just give me the formula and i'll take it from there)

thank you

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  1. let the width of the frame be x cm

    width of whole thing = 8+2x
    length of the whole thing = 12 + 2x

    whole thing - actual picture = actual picture
    (8+2x)(12+2x) - 96 = 96

    expand and simplify, take everything to the left and you have a quadratic equation, which you said you can handle.
    (hint: you should get x=2)

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  2. Fhyffhxffrrdcvbh

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  3. Double a number is equal to the number decreased by five what is the number

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