Geography (Ms. Sue)

1). How did the Reformation affect Northern Europe?

A: The Reformation affected Northern Europe as it swept through Northern Europe, causing several different Protestant churches to take root there as well as most of the region to remain Protestant.

2). Why is Eastern Europe considered a cultural crossroads?

A: Eastern Europe is considered a cultural crossroads because, since ancient times, people moving between Europe and Asia have passed through this region.

3). What role did the Soviet Union play in the rise and fall of the communism in Eastern Europe?

A: The Soviet Union set up Communist governments in Eastern Europe, and, due to a new leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, making reforms, it granted Eastern Europe more freedom, bringing a dramatic impact in which Eastern Europeans demanded political and economic reforms, therefore ending Communist control of Eastern Europe's governments.

4). What are some important ways that Eastern Europe is different from Western Europe?

A: Some important ways Eastern Europe is different from Western Europe include the fact that many empires have controlled parts of Eastern Europe, leaving it with little experience of self-rule.

5). In what ways are Eastern Europe and Northern Europe different?

A: ?

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  1. All are correct.

    5. Think about religion, economics and climate for the differences between Eastern and Northern Europe.

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