a body is under of 2 forces 7n and 10n find the resultant of 2 forces if (a)the forces are parallel and act in thesame direction (b)the forces are parallel and act in opposite direction(c)the two forces are inclined and act at an angle of 60 degree to each other (d)the 2 forces are inclined at an angle of 160 degree (e) the two forces are inclined at 90 degree?

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  1. a. F = 7 + 10 = 17 N.

    b. F = 10-7 = 3 N.

    c. F1 = 7N[45o].
    F2 = 10N[105o].

    X = 7*cos45 + 10*cos105 = 2.36 N.
    Y = 7*sin45 + 10*sin105 = 14.6 N.

    tanA = Y/X = 14.6/2.36 = 6.18644
    A = 80.8o
    Fr=Y/sinA = 14.6/sin80.8=14.8 N.[80.8o]
    = Resultant force.

    d. Fr = 7[160o] + 10[160o] = 17N[160o].

    e. Fr = 7[90o] + 10[90o] = 17N[90o]

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  2. 500

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  3. a+b

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  4. Where is the correct answer to the question now?

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