A bottle of rubbing alcohol (C3H7OH) from the store is a 70% solution by mass. Determine the total vapor pressure inside the closed bottle. The vapor pressure of the water at room temperature is 24mmHg; the vapor pressure of the volatile rubbing alcohol is 44mmHg.

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  1. 70% alcohol by mass means 70 g alcohol + 30 g water.
    Convert 70 g alcohol to mols.
    Convert 30 g water to mols.
    Determine mole fraction of alcohol.
    Determine mole fraction water.
    Total pressure is sum of partial pressures. Post your work if you get stuck. Check my thinking. I have some superscripts and subscripts involved here; if they don't turn out properly I will post a correction.

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  2. PH2O</sub=XH2OPowater.
    shoud be on the front part,
    PH2O= etc.

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