spanish HELP

can you tell me please if these are correct

Rosa le qustaria en la playa

rosa le gustaria estar explorando

rosa le gustaria ser para

rosa la qustaria ir en la canoe

rosa le gustaria estar navegando

the problem i am having 1 & 2 is estar correct # 3 is ser correct 4 is ir correct and 5 is estar correct

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asked by sam
  1. ¡Buenos días, Sam! I've been wondering if you were still taking Spanish because you hadn't posted anything for quite some time! I'm glad to see you!

    The verb "gustar" is NOT "to like" as many translate it, but actually "to be pleasing." That will explain why it must be pleasing TO someone. Here is what you need (don't forget accents!)

    1. A Rosa le gustaría la playa. = To Rosa, the beach would be pleasing. Get rid of "en" or provide the English of exactly what you are trying to say.

    2. A Rosa le gustaría estar explorando = To Rosa it would be pleasing (she would like) to be exploring.

    3. A Rosa le gustaría ser...... Rosa would like to be....what? a good student?

    4. A Rosa le gustaría ir en la canoa = Rosa would like to go in the canoe. Check the spelling of your last word.

    5. A Rosa le gustaría estar navegando = Rosa would like to be navigating.


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