Math/Piecewise functions

Write a piecewise definition for the tax due T(x) on an income of x dollars

When x <= $15,000..... 3% of taxable income

When $15,000 < x <= $30,000....... $450 plus 5.85% of excess over $15,000

When x > $30,000........ $1327.50 plus 6.8% of excess over $30,000

I know the first function would be 0.03x, but I am having trouble with the 2nd two. Please help!

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  1. and the 2nd one would be 450+0.0585(x-15,000) which I would simplify. I still need help on the last one!

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  2. T1(x) = .03x ------ you had that

    T2(x) = 450 + .0585(x - 15000)

    T3(x) = 1327.50 + .068(x-30000)

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  3. Thank you! Is there a way you could show me what the graph looks like? Or explain the lines/end axis points?

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