AP World History


I'm currently a freshmen in high school and next year AP World History is being offered to 11 graders. We have a assignment already. I need to find out what text book they are using so I can get a head start over the summer.

I was wandering if anybody knows what book is normally used in the class. I know it's by spodek or spodak or something like that and the title is The World's History. I don't know what edition the book is as there is three of them.

I went on the teachers website and that latest homework assingment says 22, “China and India” (pages 767-799)and that's for this years class for April 11 2008. So I know it has at least that many pages and the name of the 22 chapter. I need to know what edition the book is.

Can anyone provide good tips for writing in textbooks sense I’m going to go buy the book and it’s my first time owning a text book. I’m not sure what kind of notations I should take in the book.

I also have to read Guns Germs and Steal over the summer. I would like to know what I should pay attention to while reading it.

In the first week of school I have to do a map of the world test on every single country and major bodies of water along with mountain ranges. I was wandering if anyone knew a good sight that could quiz me on these things so I can prepare in advance for the test on the whole world.

Any other tips on taking AP classes will be appreciated as it’s my first one.

asked by Joe Smith Bob
  1. I suggest you ask the AP teacher about the text book.

    I also suggest you buy a paperback world atlas.

    This site will help you prepare for the geography test.


    Please check back here for other answers.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. What makes you think the text this year will be the one next year?
    Have your mom connect with the Principal on this, it is easy enough to find out, and I suspect the principal would like to know about your assignment.
    Lastly, wondering is a great word. Learn to spell it.
    Text notes, and notes in general:

    posted by bobpursley

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