chemistry 101

I have a question that I am not sure how to even start. A 15.0 g sample of a liquied has a density of 0.875 g/ml
a what is the voulme in milliters of the liquid? use conversion factors to calculate answer
b. What mass, in grams of the liquid is in 34.6ml of the liquid?
I am just not even sure how to set the problem up.

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asked by louise
  1. You're making this too hard.
    mass = volume x density
    mass = 15.0 g
    density = 0.875 g/mL
    Substitute and solve for volume.

    volume = 34.6 mL
    density = 0.875 g/mL.
    Substitute and solve for mass.

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    posted by DrBob222
  2. Don't know

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  3. That didn't help drbob22

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  4. What user drbob22 is trying to explain is that if you follow the equation you get your answer for instance on part b. he explains what the volume and the density is, if you put it in calculations you then get 30.275 round that off and your answer should be 30.3 grams.

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