How do the three basic geographic characteristics affect a nation?

My answer: The three basic geographic characteristics affect a nation in various manners. Size affects a nation because a larger nation, such as United States, China, or Russia, has the potential to be more powerful because it has more resources and people on which to build military or economic power. Shape affects a nation due to the fact that the shape of a country can have an impact on how easily it can be governed, how goods are moved to all areas of the nation, and how it relates to neighboring countries. Location also affects a nation because one surrounded by other land and with no direct outlet to the sea must find means to build connections to the rest of the world to obtain good in and out of the country. It must also issue forms of protection and security to ensure the safety of the nation from hostile neighbors.

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asked by Anonymous
  1. I've never heard of shape, size, and location as being the three basic geographic characteristics. However, if that's what your book says, then your answer is right.

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    posted by Ms. Sue

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