A sheet of aluminum (Al) foil has a total area of 2.119 ft2 and a mass of 2.714 g. What is the thickness of the foil in millimeters? (Density of Al = 2.699 g/cm3?

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  1. 2.119ft^2 * 2.699g/cm^3 / 2.714g * (30.48cm/ft)^3 =

    2.714g * 2.699g/cm^3 * (30.48cm/ft)^3

    thickness = volume/area
    = mass/density/area
    = (2.714g)/(2.699g/cm^3)/(2.119ft^2) * 1ft/30.48cm = 5.108*10^-4 cm

    Seems kind of thin. Better double-check my math

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