Physical Science

Energy from the sun reaches Earth mostly by

A. conduction.

B. convection.

C. radiation.

D. thermal expansion.

I think it's A.

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asked by Danny
  1. It would be very hard for heat to be conducted or convected through the virtual vacuum between earth and the sun. It is radiation in wavelengths from infrared (hot) to ultraviolet (wear sun screen) that reaches us from the sun.

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    posted by Damon
  2. energy hahaha comes from sun haha

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  3. danny is so dumb how do you need to ask this question how in the hell would energy from the son get to earth through conduction!!!!
    hahaha I'm laughing my !@#$%^& off!!

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  4. @youraveragewhiteboy your not to smart your self you put son like a son of a father It is supposed to be SUN. And @Danny don't think your not smart just because you wanted to check your answers. How do you think @youraveragewhiteboy got here?

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    posted by cbhgdfgd
  5. Oh and its Radiation

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    posted by cbhgdfgd
  6. lol cbhgdfgd is right omg. but how do you think we all got here? we all wanted to cheat lol.

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  7. P.S. Here are the answers 2019.
    1. Energy from the sun reaches Earth mostly by
    C. radiation.
    2. Matter is needed to transfer thermal energy by
    D. both conduction and convection.
    3. Which of the following materials conducts heat well?
    C. metal
    4. According to the First Law of Thermodynamics, the amount of work done by a heat engine equals the amount of
    C. thermal energy added to the engine minus the waste heat.
    5. Which of the following states that absolute zero cannot be reached.
    C. the Third Law of Thermodynamics

    100% correct Lesson 10: Heat and Thermodynamics Physical Science B Unit 2: Work and Energy connections academy.

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