If two salts AX and BX2, have the same Ksp values of 4.0x10^-12 at a given temperature, then

A. their molar solubilities in water are the same
B. the salts are more soluble in 0.1 M NaX than in water
C. the molar solubility of AX in water is less than that of BX2
D. addition of NaX will not affect the colubilities of the salt.

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asked by LT
  1. which do you think is correct and why? I suggest you make up problems and work each one; for example, see if A is a true statement.
    AX ==> A^+ + X^-
    Ksp = (x)(x) = 4 x 10^-12
    x= sqrt 4 x 10^-12 = 2 x 10^-6 M

    AX2 ==> A^+2 + 2X^-
    Ksp = (x)(2x)^2 = 4 x 10^-12
    4x^3 = 4 x 10^-12
    x = 1 x 10^-4 M
    So they are not the same and A is not true. ETC. For the common ion in B, just use 0.1 M NaX.

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  2. well C says AX is less than BX2 and it is so i thought it would be that one.

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    posted by LT
  3. That's right.

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