SAT Math

1. If xy>1 and z<0, which of the following statements must be true?

I. x>z<-1

A. I. only
B. II. only
C. III. only
D. II. and III.
E. None



Which is greater, a or b?



Which is greater, (p-1)/4 or (q-9)/12?


a and b are positive integers.

Which is greater, a+b or ab?



Which is greater, the largest possible value of x/y or 2?



Which is greater, a or 8/3?

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asked by Anonymous
  1. These require some thought, and it serves you not for someone to do that for you.

    example 1.
    xy>1 implies x,y are both positive, or both negative.
    z<0 means z is negative. Not think out the choices
    I. x>z cannot be true always, x could be -100 and z could be -88<-1 xy is positive, z is negative, so sign is right. but the product of xyz could be -1/2 (example xy=2, z=-.5
    III.xy/z<1/z divide both sides by xy.
    1/z<1/xyz . now consider z=-1/2, and xy 10
    -2<-.2 true the right side is always greater than the left,

    A. I. only
    B. II. only
    C. III. only
    D. II. and III.
    E. None

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    posted by bobpursley

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