world geography

i need help with world geography lesson from penn foster ezamination number 6648y if anyone has answers please help, thanx

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asked by nathan
  1. Please don't come here to cheat.

  2. You can get the answers on either

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    posted by Chris
  3. 6648Y- Exam 2
    1. The native people of Australia are known as
    A. aborigines C. peons
    B. mestizos D. Walloons
    2. The word ayatollah means
    A. devil C. holy man
    B. father D. warrior
    3. The world's leading coffee exporter is
    A. Brazil C. Kenya
    B. Java D. Thailand
    4. The European country sometimes known as “the Hexagon” is
    A. France C. Spain
    B. Germany D. Switzerland
    5. Which Canadian province is primarily French-speaking?
    A. Alberta C. Quebec
    B. Ontario D. Saskatchewan
    6. “The Britain of the South” is another name for
    A. Bahama C. New Zealand
    B. Bermuda D. South Africa
    7. Ireland has been an independent country since
    A. 966 C. 1882
    B. 1252 D. 1922
    8. The holy cities of Islam – Mecca and Medina – are located in
    A. Iran C. Saudi Arabia
    B. Iraq D. Israel
    9. The largest desert in the world is the
    A. Gobi Desert C. Painted Desert
    B. Mohave Desert D. Sahara Desert
    10. The main deposits of U.S. anthracite (hard) coal are found in the state of
    A. California C. Pennsylvania
    B. Montana D. West Virginia
    11. The Falkland Islands, off the coast of South America, are the possession of
    A. Argentina C. Chile
    B. Britain D. Denmark
    12. The African country that began as a colony for freed American black slaves is
    A. Ghana C. Libya
    B. Liberia D. South Africa
    13. The least populated of the Scandinavian countries is
    A. Finland C. Norway
    B. Iceland D. Sweden
    14. The Industrial Revolution began in Western Europe, specifically in the country of
    A. Britain C. Germany
    B. France D. Italy
    15. The world's largest active volcano is located in
    A. Hawaii C. Indonesia
    B. Italy D. Mexico
    16. The region known as “the cradle of civilization” is located in
    A. Africa C. Europe
    B. China and Japan D. the Middle East
    17. The world's leading producer of cork and cork products is
    A. Greece C. Portugal
    B. Italy D. Spain
    18. The province known as Canada's “oil tank” is
    A. Alberta C. Ontario
    B. British Columbia D. Quebec
    19. The richest nation on the African continent is
    A. Kenya C. South Africa
    B. Nigeria D. Zaire
    20. The first Arab country to sign a treaty with Israel was
    A. Egypt C. Libya
    B. Iran D. Syria
    21. The South American country with the highest percentage of European descendents is
    A. Argentina C. Columbia
    B. Brazil D. Peru
    22. Computers and microprocessors are manufactured in “Silicon Valley” in the state of
    A. California C. Illinois
    B. Florida D. New York
    23. The South African policy of racial segregation is called
    A. apartheid C. caste
    B. bigotry D. neocolonialism
    24. The “Big Stick” policy was the foreign policy of U.S. President
    A. Monroe C. F. Roosevelt
    B. Nixon D. T. Roosevelt
    25. The offical religion of England is
    A. Anglicanism C. Lutheranism
    B. Catholicism D. Methodism

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    posted by miranda
  4. Each exam is different there is not the same exam out there

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    posted by Tabitha
  5. What factors make it difficult for Eastern Europe to improve its water quality? Select all that apply.

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    posted by ronaldo
  6. Q:where does the Bahamas lie on the spectrum arrow thingy

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    posted by Rebecca

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