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1. Reasoning How does the Distance Formula ensure that the distance between two different points is positive?

2. There are two different formulas for midpoint. Is it possible to use the formula for midpoint "on a number line" when you are trying to find the midpoint of two points on a coordinate plane? Explain why or why not.

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  1. √n is a positive value
    So, √(a^2+b^2) is a positive value

    There is no "midpoint" of two points in the plane. There is, however, the midpoint of the line segment joining the two points. That will turn out to be the center of the circle which has the two points as the ends of a diameter.

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  2. Steve is correct :)

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  3. You should probably ask your teacher if you need help.

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  4. I say that Steve is correct, but you need to ask your teacher when you need help as he/she will best be able to help you understand the subject. Good luck, and I wish you the best with your studies!

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  5. Steve's answer is incorrect. Two points do have a midpoint. In addition, the answer given does not answer the question asked. I digress, however, and again add that you should ask your teacher if you are not sure how to answer this question. (FYI I teach the class this question came from and will know if you got the answer from this site.)

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  6. Ty STEVE

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