Academic Writing II

Please, somebody help me.
I need 3 traits on Robert Frost's writing and I'm clueless.
I don't even like his poems, and I'm supposed to write a 3-paragraph paper on him.
So far, I'm thinking 'He likes to write with humor' and 'He likes to use metaphors'.
I don't have a third trait and I also need a thesis statement.

I can usually do this stuff on my own, but this has been a bloody horrible week like you would not believe. And I'm not talking about little stuff...I almost lost somebody very close to me.
Please, somebody help me. I cannot do this. Not now.

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asked by Ashley
  1. Another of Frost's "trademarks," so to speak, is his use of nature in all his works: snow, trees, rocks, etc.

    This, in addition to humor and metaphors, would make a good paper, I think.

    Several links to literary criticism here.

  2. Thank you so so much!

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    posted by Ashley
  3. You're welcome -- go get A's!


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