Another question on word order...
for like hier soir, or hier, where do they go? Can I say...

Hier soir, je suis allee au cinema.
-is this correct? Cause on a test, I put it this way.

or does it have to be at the end of the sentence?
Je suis allee au cinema hier soir.

P.S. How do you guys do the accents on computer??

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asked by janice
  1. I would go with the first one: hier soir, je suis allee au cinema.
    simply because it is grammatically correct. the other one is also correct but you wouldn't put write it down.
    it all depends on what the instructions are.

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    posted by nikita
  2. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Just be sure on Nikita's sentence to put the required accent mark on the past participle and the noun.
    Hier soir, je suis allée au cinéma.

    The English of "Last night, where DO they go?" is violation of sequence of speech. It should be "Last night, where DID they go?" (Hier soir, où sont-ils allés?)

    As for where you put "hier soir" in your sentence, it is up to you, as the speaker.

    We'll be happy to send you the chart on how you make accent marks with the computer, BUT we need to know if you have PC or MAC, Windows or not.


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  3. actually for "where do they go" i was referring to the words hier and hier soir.

    Thanks. I have PC windows.

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    posted by janice

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