Below is budgeted production and sales information for Flushing Company for the month of December:

Product XXX

Product ZZZ
Estimated beginning inventory
30,000 units

18,000 units
Desired ending inventory
34,000 units

17,000 units
Region I, anticipated sales
320,000 units

260,000 units
Region II, anticipated sales
180,000 units

140,000 units

The unit selling price for product XXX is $6 and for product ZZZ is $15.

Budgeted production for product ZZZ during the month is:

403,000 units

390,000 units

399,000 units

423,000 units

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  1. 399,000

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  2. can someone answer it for xxx?

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  3. nanay mo

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  4. 423000

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