Find the surface area and the lateral area of a regular square pyramid with base edge 6 and a lateral edge √34. PLEASE PLEASE HUHU Teach me how and what is lateral edge

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  1. lateral edge is an edge from the base to the vertex. As opposed to a base edge.

    If the base edge is 6, the base diagonal is 6√2

    Now draw a right triangle from the center of the base to the vertex, including one base corner.

    (6√2/2)^2 + h^2 = (√34)^2
    18 + h^2 = 34
    h = 4

    So, now we have height 4 and base edge 6, so the faces are triangles with

    base = 6
    height = √(3^2 + 4^2) = 5

    lateral area is thus 4 * 1/2 (6)(5)

    add the square base if desired.

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  2. 18.63

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  3. idk lol

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