hi! nedd some help.i am writing a book report and have question.how does my cover page has to look like?in which corner do i have to writr ma name, date etc. thanks:)

The cover page format is usually demonstrated by your teacher. Your cover page should contain the title of the book,author, your name, teacher’s name, class hour, and date
I had my classes put the title in the center of the page, and the other information in the lower left corner. Please ask your teacher how she/he wants it done.

Thank you for using the Jskha Homework Help Forum. Your title page might look something like the following:


submitted to
teacher's name
the class/hour
current date
your name

As suggested by GuruBlue, it looks best centered on the paper. Remember, this is only ONE format; there are many.

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asked by bil12
  1. cork layer

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