A hollow spherical iron shell floats almost completely when submerged in water. The outer diameter is 50.0cm, and the density of iron is 7.87g/cm^3. Find the inner diameter.

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  1. almost completely submerged in water.*

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  2. volume of iron = (4/3) pi (25^3) -(4/3) pi(r^3)

    mass of iron = (4/3) pi(7.87) (15625-r^3)
    = mass of water displaced = (4/3)pi (15625)
    because density of water assumed 1 gram/cm^3
    Archimedes doing the lifting so
    7.87(15625-r^3) = 15625
    7.87 r^3 = 6.87 (15625)
    r = 23.9 cm
    D = 2 r = 47.8 cm

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