Hello! I need help with knowing how to find certain data in the L3 and L4 columns using my calculator and plotting the graph to know which order the reaction is. I know you go to stats then to edit, and you put in the given info into L1 and L2. After that, you scroll up to L3 and highlight it. I just don't know where to go next/what to enter, and that's my main problem.

In a prelab, this data was given:

Reaction Absorbance ln(Abs) 1/Abs
1min .366 (-1.005) (2.7322)
2min .251 (-1.382) (3.9841)
3min .176 (-1.737) (5.6818)
4min .124 (-2.087)and so on
5min .089 (-2.419)
6min .065 (-2.733)
7min .048 (-3.037)
8min .037 (-3.297)
9min .029 (-3.540)
10min .023 (-3.772)

I already did this prior to break, but I got some help. Now I don't remember how I got my numbers in L3 and L4. I put the numbers in parenthesis that I got w/my calculator, but that's the part I don't remember. I think I'm supposed to scroll up to highlight L3 next, but I really don't remember what I'm supposed to put.

By the way, I have a TI-83 plus. Thanks so much in advance.

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asked by Rachel

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