algebra1 HELP PLEASE

Two identical rubber balls are dropped from different heights. Ball 1 is dropped from a height of 100 feet, and ball 2 is dropped from a height of 210 feet. Write a function for the height of each ball.

h1(t) =
h2(t) =

When does ball 1 reach the ground? Round to the nearest hundredth. ____seconds
When does ball 2 reach the ground? Round to the nearest hundredth. _____seconds

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  1. h1(t) = 100 - 0.5*32*t^2.

    h1 = 100 - 16t^2 = 0 @ gnd. level.
    16t^2 = 100
    t^2 = 6.25
    t = 2.50 s.

    h2(t) = 210 - 0.5*32*t^2

    h2 = 210 - 16t^2 = 0 @ gnd. level.
    16t^2 = 210
    t^2 = 13.125
    t = 3.62 s.

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