"America's addiction to obsolescence will be responsible for its environmental demise."

Can you please suggest a few arguments I can use for this essay? I'm afraid I'm not on the right track.

U.S. industries have been on a path of planned obsolescence for 50 years or more. Since we keep making and buying new products, we necessarily throw out the old products. This causes overflowing landfills and various kinds of pollution, especially from computer-associated products.

You can probably give examples of electronic gadgets that have become obsolescent in the last three or four years. I remember kitchen gadgets that were very popular at one time or another in the last 30 or 40 years -- but are not used by many today. These items include crock pots, bread makers, waffle irons, and fondue pots.

You may also want to explore the term "addiction" -- especially as it pertains to Americans constantly wanting new clothes, gadgets, cars, etc.

Thanks! Would this be relevant to my essay? I was thinking of discussing how after the creation of the atomic bomb America began to experiment with new clear weapons (Cold War) and this led to destruction of environment. In a way it seems to relate to obsolescence and addiction. Am I going in the right path?

I don't see the connection with your original topic, sorry. Maybe a clear explanation would help.

Please note that the word is nuclear (note spelling), pronounced "new-cle-ar" (three syllables).


Oops, my mistake. I meant for it to be nuclear, probably just quick typing/no thinking combination led to that.

For clear explanation, I figured that since the essay required me to connect America's obsolescence with environmental destruction one topic that I kept on encountering was radiation effects which ties in with the 'Post War Period' part. So just like new industries and new products grew so did mass experimentation with making America a military superpower, which is in regards to creation of nuclear weapons.

The point I'm trying to prove is that America's obsolescence is what is making it a superpower but also destroying environment resources. It's becoming an economic superpower by new industries and new products, and it's also becoming a superpower military wise. (During the Cold War).

Does that make sense?

Let's go back to your original question -- "America's addiction to obsolescence will be responsible for its environmental demise."

You have a point with our addiction to obsolescence in military weapons has led to radiation effects. But, despite our argument about how and where do dispose of nuclear waste (Nevada??), your prompt suggests you should concentrate more on industrial and consumer obsolesence. Your last statement about becoming a superpower military wise doesn't seem to fit in this essay.

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