Law and Ethics

1. Rollo says that the standard of behavior required in specific situations that arise in medical office is referred to as protocol. John sys its precedent. Who correct
A. Both are correct
B. Only John is correct
C. Only Rollo is correct
D. Neither is correct
My answer is C
2.Which of the following is the legal principle by which decisions made by judges become rules of law that apply of future cases involving the same issue?
A. Administrative regulation
B. Ethical guidelines
C. Summary judgment
D. Precedent
my answer D
3.Which of the following statement is false?
A. Physicians may terminate contracts with patients for failure to pay for services.
B. Doctors terminating contracts with patients should note any need for the patient to receive continued medical attention.
C. Physicians may teminate contracts with patients for failure to keep scheduled appointments.
D. Physicians need not give notice of terination and time to find another physician as long as there are proper grounds for terminating the contract.
My answer is D
4. Which of the following most pertains to availability of insurance when the insured changes jobs?
D The Federal False claims Act
My answer is HIPAA
5. Which of the following is true about open acess plan?
A. The insured isn't permitted to see any health care provider without a referral.
B. The insured may see an in-network health care provider without referral.
C. The insured isn't permitted to see an in-network health care provider without a referral.
D. The insured may see any health care provider without a referral.
My answer D
6. If the basis of a claim is that the doctor's carelessness caused injury, what type of claim most likely is being made?
A. Negligence tort
B. Fraud
C. Intentional tort
D. Contract
My answer C
7. Which of the following best desribes respondeat superior?
A. Employers are responsible for the negligent act of employee.
B. The employer's response to an inquiry supersedes that of the employee.
C. Employees must obey employers.
D. Employees must answer when the employer commands.
My answer A
8. Which of the following most pertains to general health information confidentiality?
A. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
B.Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
C. Truth in Lending Act
D. Statute of frauds
My answer B
9. Nurse Jones discovers that Dr. Smith is reporting services to Medicare that weren't actually provided .She can take legal action against Dr. Smith through which of the following?
B. The Ferderal False Claims Act
My answer B
10.Which of the following is not an intentional tort?
A. Negligence
B. Battery
C. Fraud
D. Assault
My answer A
11. Bob Smith is charged with crime. The maximum penalty is 90 days in jail. The crime must be a
A. miisdemeanor
B. common law crime
D. traffic offense
My answer
12. An insured patient pays a flat fee for certain serices. The amount that the patient must pay is the
A. deductible
B. copayment
C. formulary
D. coinsurance
My answer B

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  1. I disagree on 7. Idont know what you intended on 11.

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  2. 7.My is B
    11. A

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  3. 11. A

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