Vladimir builds 3 legged stools and 4 legged tables. Last month he used 72 legs to build 3 more stools than tables. How many stools and how many tables did he build?

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  1. Take away the legs of the 3 extra stools, which leaves us with 72-9=63 legs for equal number of stools and tables.
    Divide 63 by the total number of legs of one of one set (7 legs for 1 table and 1 stool), we have 63/7=9 sets.
    So he made 9 tables and 12 stools.

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  2. I have no idea!

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  3. 12stools, 9 tables😆

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  4. 14 tabls 9 stols

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  5. 15 tables 4 stools all up

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  6. 7 and 9

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