advance functions gr 12


the ______________ (fill in blank)
of logarithms state that log (xy)= logx + logy

solve the equation 6^3x+1= 2^2x-3, Leave in extact form


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asked by samantha
  1. You must mean

    6^(3x+1) = 2^(2x-3)

    take log of both sides , use the rules of logs ....

    (3x+1)(log6) = (2x-3)(log2)
    (3log6)x + log6 = (2log2)x - 3log2
    x(3log6 - 2log2) = -3log2 - log6
    x = (log6 + 3log2)/(2log2 - 3log6
    = - .970473 or appr -.97

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    posted by Reiny

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