If i want to say "Is the professors are reasonable or difficult?"

is it "les professeures sont raisonnables ou difficiles?"

or "les professeures sont-ils raisonnables ou difficiles?"

Which one is correct? Do you have to include sont-ils? Is it also correct without it ?

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asked by janice
  1. second question:

    Is "I want to go to France"....Je veux aller en France. ?

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    posted by janice
  2. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Sorry, but I doubt you want to say "Is the professors are reasonable or difficult?" Without the word "Is" the English is fine. Either:
    Est-ce que les professeurs sont raisonnables ou difficiles?
    Les professeurs sont-ils raisonnables ou difficiles?
    Note the spelling of "professeurs."

    The last sentence is correct.


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