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I am studying conjuctions, interjections, punctuation and capitalization ...I need to decsribe the itlicized word as a noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adver, preposition, conjuctions or interjection;;

She was born into a wealthy New York family that placed great value on education. WEALTHY

She also worked hard to win equal rights for women and minorities. EQUAL

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asked by CHris
  1. First you need to ask yourself, "What is that word "doing" in this sentence - what is its job?"

    What is "weathy" doing? It is talking about ( describing) family. It is a wealthy family. Then ask yourself what part of speech describes nouns. Adjectives, of course.

    Now you do the second sentence. Repost if you would like for us to check it for you.
    I am also giving you the site for grammar information.

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    posted by GuruBlue

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