5.Jack participated in a 6 day bike marathon of 430 kilometers. He biked 90 kilometers on each of the first 4 days and y kilometers on the fifth day. Which equation can be used to find b, the number of kilometers Jack biked on the sixth day?

6.Which statement about polygons is false?
A.If all the angles of a triangle are congruent then the measure of each angle is 90 degrees
B.If a traingle has a right angle then both of the other angles are acute
C.If a figure is a rectangle then the sum of the measures of 4 angles is 360 degrees
D.If a quadrilateral has exactly 2 obtuse angles then each of the other angles is an acute angle

The circumference of a circular garden is 40 feet. Which expression best represents the radius of the garden?

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asked by Jerald
  1. All are right.

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