A commercially available sample of sulphuric acid is 15% H2SO4 by mass (density=1.10g/ml) Calculate the molarity ,normality and molality.

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  1. 15% w/w means 15 g H2SO4/100 g solution or
    15 g H2SO4/(15 + 85)g soln.
    mols H2SO4 = 15/98 = about 0.15 but you do it more accurately.
    Use the density to convert 100 g solution to volume, change that to L, then
    M = mols/L.

    That should get you started.

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  2. 3.3646N

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  3. 15% H2SO4 by weight means 15g of
    H2SO4 dissolved in 85g of water
    volume=100/1.10=90.90ml (V)


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  4. 15% solution of H2So4 mean that 15gm of H2So4 is present in 100gm of solution or 85gm of solvent.
    Molarity =Mass of the solution in gm×1000 /Molar mass ×Volume of the solution in ml
    =1.68M .

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  5. 15% solution of H2So4 mean that 15gm of H2So4 is present in 100gm of solution or 85gm of solvent.
    Molarity =Mass of the solute ×1000 /Molar mass ×Volume of the solution in ml
    =15 ×1000 /98×90.90
    Normality =Mass of the solution in gm ×1000 /Volume of the solution in ml ×Equivalent mass
    Molality =Mass of the solute ×1000/Mass of the solvent in gm ×Molar mass
    =1.8m .
    - End -
    I hope you want my answer. Thank you .lam Sarju Elangbam from Khangabok, Manipur.

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