Scl. Stds, economics

I need help! the answers are not in our book.

Who were the curbstone brokers and what type of stocks were handled on the curb?

When was the wall street journal first published and what promise did it make to its readers?

What is the DOW Jones Average, and how was it first calculated?

Before the invention of th stock market, how did brokers get the most current information and how fast and reliable was it?

What do the events of oct. 19, 1987 and the great crash of 1921 have in common?

If you buy a company’s common stock what kind of return is guaranteed?

If you buy a company’s bond what do you receive?

Which part of federal law allows for early withdrawal from an (ira) account without a 10% penalty?


All of this can be found by using google as a search machine. After you do some research we will be happy to find anything you still need.

Re: curbstone brokers - "
American Stock Exchange (AMEX)

Stock exchange in the U.S. Originally known as “the Curb,” it began as an outdoor marketplace in New York City c. 1850. It moved indoors to its present location in the Wall Street area in 1921. Once a marketplace for securities not reputable enough for the New York Stock Exchange, it became equally respectable, with its own listing admissions requirements. In 1998 it merged with the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), then-owner of the NASDAQ exchange, to form the Nasdaq-Amex Market Group. After NASD sold its interest in the NASDAQ in 2000, AMEX remained a NASD subsidiary.

For more information on American Stock Exchange (AMEX), visit

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asked by Kevin

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