statistics.urgent please help..

A local college cafeteria has a self-service soft ice-cream machine. The cafeteria provides bowls that can hold up to 16 ounces of ice-cream. The food service manager is interested in comparing the average amount of ice-cream dispensed by male students to the average amount dispensed by female students. A measurement devise was placed on the ice-cream machine to determine the amounts dispensed. Random samples of 85 male and 78 female students who got ice-cream were selected. The sample averages were 7.23 and 6.49 ounces for the male and female students, respectively. Assume that the population standard deviations are 1.22 and 1.17 ounces, respectively.

Let μ1 and μ2 be the population means of ice-cream amounts dispensed by all male and female students at this college, respectively. What is the point estimate of μ1 - μ2 ?

what should be the values for u1 and u2 since pop mean is not given in the problem.

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  1. The sample mean is a point estimate of the population mean μ.

    You have two sample means, which are 7.23 and 6.49. Find the difference between the two means for your point estimate of µ1 - µ2.

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  2. Good

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