English Essay Writing

Ok I have a huge paper in which I have to compare the writing styles of 2 authors in two of their books.

I'm going to compare their use of capitalizations, personification, and similes.

I just don't know how to WRITE the paper. I have 3 quotes from each book on each writing style, but idk how to make it 10 pages!

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  1. Do you have a thesis statement and a plan or outline yet? If so, please post them. And please include the names and works of the authors you intend to use.


  2. Roy-Rushdie Outline

    1. Introduction
    · Introductory Statement – In the genre of magical realism, there are two Booker Prize authors that have employed similar writing styles in their acclaimed novels.
    · Thesis Statement – The similarity of writing styles used by both Arundhati Roy in The God of Small Things, and Salman Rushdie in Midnight’s Children is shown through each of the writers’ use of idiosyncratic capitalizations, personification, and elaborate similes.
    · Introduce Supporting Details (Optional) – Unlike many other conventional authors, Roy and Rushdie have uncanny abilities to use their writing style in a way that not only confuses the readers, but leads them to a new and important segue off of the plot.
    2. Body
    · First Supporting Idea – Idiosyncratic Capitalizations
    Ø Transition
    Ø Topic Sentence – In both The God of Small Things and Midnight’s Children, idiosyncratic capitalizations are used abundantly in order to convey a deeper meaning from the authors’.
    Ø Discussion – A common technique that both Roy and Rushdie employ throughout their novels is the capitalization of certain words to give them a certain meaning.
    Ø Examples in The God of Small Things
    1. “The Loss of Sophie Mol stepped softly around the Ayemenem House like a quiet thing in socks”. (p. 17, paragraph 1, line 1)
    2. “For a Breath of Fresh Air. To Pay for the Milk. To Let Out a Trapped Wasp”. (p. 29, paragraph 1, line 2)
    3. “A few mornings ago she had opened her window (for a Breath of Fresh Air) and caught them red-handed in the act of Returning From Somewhere”. (p. 283, paragraph 1, line 3)
    Ø Examples in Midnight’s Children
    1. “Fresh From Fifty Fierce Weeks In Delhi!” (p. 50, paragraph 2, line 5)
    2. “The Lotus Goddess; the One Who Possesses Dung; who is Honey-Like, and Made of Gold; whose sons are Moisture and Mud…” (p. 223, paragraph 4, line 4)
    3. “Certain wags in our audience had begun to heckle the Most Charming Man In The World”. (p. 475, line 13)
    Ø Analysis – In both novels, I have noticed that the capitalization acts as a sign for a reader to pay more attention to those words; they play a specific role in the plot.
    Ø Conclusion (Optional)
    · Second Supporting Idea - Personification
    Ø Transition
    Ø Topic Sentence - Personification is used in both of these novels in order to make a more ethereal and otherworldly feel to the story.
    Ø Discussion – Although personification is fairly abundant in most novels, the amount of personification used in these two novels is truly astounding. They are perfectly placed, in Roy’s case to show the childish view of worldly matters, and in Rushdie’ case to make the setting seem ‘magical’.
    Ø Examples in The God of Small Things
    1. “Her go-go bag was pale and as wrinkled as a dhobi’s thumb from being in the water too long”. (p. 6, paragraph 6, line 2)
    2. “Of coconut trees that bent into it and watched, with coconut eyes, the boats slide by”. (p. 116, paragraph 6, line 1)
    3. “The pumpkin looked like his swollen head, too large and heavy for the slender stem it grew from”. (p. 303, paragraph 6, line 7)
    Ø Examples in Midnight’s Children
    1. “Clock hands joined palms in respectful greeting as I came”. (p. 3, paragraph 1, line 5)
    2. “Our Bombay: it looks like a hand but it’s really a mouth, always open, always hungry, swallowing food and talent from everywhere else in India”. (p. 142, paragraph 2, line 3)
    3. “Then the tear gas came, coughing spluttering blindly, crying as we ran”. (p. 475, paragraph 1, line 1)
    Ø Analysis
    Ø Conclusion (Optional)
    · Third Supporting Idea – Elaborate Similes
    Ø Transition
    Ø Topic Sentence – The purpose of the use of similes in both of these novels is primarily to relate a scene from the characters’ situation to something that the reader can relate to.
    Ø Discussion
    Ø Examples in The God of Small Things
    1. “The congregation gathered around the coffin, and the yellow church swelled like a throat with the sound of sad singing”. (p. 6, paragraph 6, line 5)
    2. “They would sit with him for hours, on their haunches – like hunched punctuation marks in a pool of wood shavings – and wonder how he always seemed to know what smooth shapes waited inside the wood for him”. (p. 75, paragraph 5, line 8)
    3. “Each of her tight, shining plaits was looped over and tied with ribbons so that they hung down on either side of her face like the outlines of large, drooping ears that hadn’t been colored in yet”. (p. 256, paragraph 10, line 5)
    Ø Examples in Midnight’s Children
    1. “…While I sit like an empty pickle-jar in a pool of Anglepoised light, visited by this vision of my grandfather sixty-three years ago…” (p. 14, paragraph 4, line 1)
    2. “We were in a real Bombay black-and-yellow taxi, and I was wallowing in the sounds like hot-channa-hot hawkers”. (p. 340, paragraph 2, line 5)
    3. “Like a magic spell, the taunts of a paan-wallah opened the door through which Saleen returned to the city of his birth, the abode of his deepest nostalgia”. (p. 518, paragraph 5, line 1)
    Ø Analysis – The use of similes in these two novels is used to relate something that was mentioned in the story, but not elaborated on, as a reason to solidify why that idea was put in the novel in the first place. Ex. empty pickle jar.
    Ø Conclusion (Optional)
    2. Conclusion
    · Transition
    · Statement Reflecting back on Thesis – Both Roy and Rushdie use the same methods of writing in their use of idiosyncratic capitalizations, personification, and elaborate similes.
    · Restate Key Points – The writing techniques used by both authors were employed for the sole reason to enhance the plot and enthrall the reader.
    · Ending Statement that Provokes Thought (Optional)

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  3. OK, it's clearly not copying/pasting. You'll need to type it in by hand.

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