In-text citations of websites

How do I make a citation that's in-text for the online etymology dictionary site? Basically, what goes in parentheses?

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  1. Whatever the first word of the Works Cited entry is -- that's what goes in parentheses in the text.

    If you looked up "father," for example, then "Father" should be the first word in your Works Cited entry for that link, right?

    Then your in-text citation would be this:


  2. thanks for clearing that up

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  3. It's a system that's meant to simplify everything, but I think it's muddied it all! But once you get used to the system, it's easy.

  4. if i looked up the word hope, :
    exactly like that? nothing else?

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  5. Isn't the word "hope" listed with a capital H in your Works Cited? It should be, and therefore the in-text should be

    --------- ("Hope").

  6. Oh. Ok, yes. thanks

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  7. as you can tell, it's going to take me a long time to get used to it! =)

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  8. You'll get there eventually -- have no fear!


  9. what if i look up adolf hitler wat would it be???

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    posted by anna
  10. this is wrong its the first thing in your work cited which most of time its the authors last name! then its the page number

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    posted by hey
  11. example

    (smart 24)

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    posted by hey

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