Talk about the things you don't have to do on Sunday.

I don't have to study hard.
I don't have to see teachers at school.
I don't have to see my homeroom teacher.
I don't have to walk to school.
I don't have to clean my classroom.
I don't have to mop the floor.
I don't have to talk with some of my classmates.
I don't have to pick up waste on the playground and in the garden.
I don't have to fight with my classmate.
I don't have to feel tired listening to teachers.
I don't have to be scolded by teachers.
I don't have to go to the private institute.
I don't have to go to the academy to learn English and math.
I don't have to go to the English private institute.
I don't have to get up early.
I don't have to wear my school uniform.
I don't have to greet people at the school gate.
I don't have to stand in the hallway in front of the teachers' office.
I don't have to pick up waste with thongs(a pair of tongs).
I don't have to try hard not to sleep in class.
I don't have to wash my hair.
I don't have to wash my face and put on lotion.

(Would you check the sentences? Correct any errors, please. Thank you.)

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  1. I don't have to pick up waste with tongs.

    All others look good.

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