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I have to write a reflection paper for my human development class. I am working with first graders in an elementary school and our professor wants to know this:

Choose one thing about your practicum site that you think should be different. This can be something procedural, something structural, something related to curriculum or to clients or to personnel. Think about how you would change and improve this thing if you had the power to make it different. Relate the changes you come up with to some area of knowledge in the study of human development. Be concrete, detailed and specific. Is there anything that you can do as an intern to impact this area or to begin the process of change?

I am working with a great teacher and I do not see anything I want to change. She's very creative with her students and she keeps her students engage. The class size is 20. I could talk about making the class size smaller, but I feel I don't have much to write about on that. I have to write a 4 page paper and I do not know if I can stretch that idea out into 4 pages. I need help coming up with ideas to write about. I feel I must make up something big that I can write a lot about, but it is hard when I completely agree with their approach to education compared to other schools. Also, my professor has read my journal about my experience in this practicum site and I have a lot of positive journal entries about the teacher and the school. Can someone please help me come up with ideas I can write a lot about? I'll greatly appreciate it!

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asked by Bizzy
  1. This is the same question you submitted to PATH. See the response to that post. Thanks for asking.

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    posted by PsyDAG

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