FRENCH... yeah....

I have homework on the song, je realise by sinik, and it asks me what do i feel when i listen to this, and i only have 2 feelings, and i need 2 more... also it says why do u feel these feelings. go to

h t t p : / / y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = 9 t E A 5 5 w Z Y x E

to watch the video take out the spaces in the link, or just type in SInik je realise on youtube

NOt about the question, but this video isnt bad...

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  1. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. You state that you only have 2 feelings, but without knowing what they are, how can we help you? First of all, you have to like rap! Since there was no name on the post, are you the one I gave the You Tube, plus words to?


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  2. well one of them is confused and the other is sad. and im not rly sure. and btw, this is homework..

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  3. while ur at it, whats the song about. like the main idea?

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  4. First of all, here is a site with positive emotions/feelings. It won't be difficult to find the opposite, if you have negative ones. As for "what's the song about" be sure to read the OTHER French post I did this evening which has the lyrics.

    Here is a positive emotion list:


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  5. ummm.. i don't really understand french very well, so the lyrics don't really help... i answered "le thème principal de la chanson est un chanson négatif, et la vie n'est pas juste"

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  6. Right you are! Actually, you don't even need to look up all the words, as some of them will give you the same idea! In the first place, I don't like rap. The music itself is very pleasant, but the lyrics are NOT. My feeling is dispair, depression, etc. Here are some words to give you the "feeling" of the lyrics.

    escape, gap, hopper, shovel, regrets, death, prison, hypocrite, tears.


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  7. ty =) thanks so much for helping me!

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  8. SraJMcGin is right.
    En gros et pour résumer, c'est une succession de banalités (niveau école primaire).
    il s'aperçoit que la vie n'est pas simple, qu'il vieillit, qu'il y a des problèmes dans les banlieues, que la misère existe...
    de plus, si vous voulez apprendre la langues, évitez ce genre de chanteurs, c'est écrit dans un français minable.

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