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a plane is flying in the direction of 190 degrees with an air speed of 400 mph. Its course and ground speed are 200 degrees and 350 mph respectively. What is the speed and direction of the wind?

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asked by Sheryl
  1. From the diagram that you made, let the speed of the wind be x, we get by the cosine law

    x^2= 350^2 + 400^2 - 2(350)(400)cos10°
    = 6753.829..
    x = 82.18 mph

    by the sine law, the other acute angle Ø is ....

    sinØ/350 = sin10/82.18
    sinØ = .7395..
    Ø = appr 47.7°

    take it from there, you should be able to calculate the direction of the wind

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    posted by Reiny

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