Is 9th grade biology hard?
Is it interesting...??

I love life science but I just wondering if 9th grade biology hard???

I'm taking biology next year.

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asked by Sarah
  1. Since you "love" life science, I'm sure you'll like biology. It won't be hard because I'm sure you're up to the challenge of 9th grade classes.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. I'm in high school, and biology isn't all that hard.
    Just make sure you do you homework on time, taking copious notes, and pay attention in class.

    posted by Benetar
  3. You have stated that you have love for this like of thing, high school Biology isn't that when you try it out, just have to do the following.

    Study, study, study and the rest you'll really enjoy

    posted by Nick

    posted by DYLAN

    posted by EMMA
  6. It depends on what state you live in (or other place), what school, what curriculum, and teacher because in different places you learn different things at different paces. But, if you like life science, you will most likely like biology. Different people have different opinions on things.

    posted by Peeps
  7. No not really, I am in 9 grade and I am taking Biology and so far Biology is ok. Just some stuff doesn't makes sense to me like we came from monkeys and evolution and things like that.

    posted by Natica
  8. Meh, it's not really hard if you have average memory strength and good note-taking skills. It also depends on how easy-going and clear your teacher is.

    posted by Bridget
  9. it is very easy

    posted by Aditya
  10. it all depends on who your teacher is.

    posted by haylee
  11. No its not hard but its lengthy so long chapters but its quite easy

    posted by jannat
  12. I think that biology is enjoyable you will really get a chance to learn about the basic fundamentals of life,
    I want to say that you may think at times it is hard, but there are a lot of resources online to help you with biology and nothing is too complicated like it's not like physics or calculus kind of hard you just will be asked to explain so concepts. And you get to do labs which are fun.

    I'm in 9th grade and ending my biology course I actually enjoyed it and I've got a lot of information out of it.

    posted by Abigail
  13. Well I'm in te 9th grade and biology is pretty hard sometimes. I don't know how you can get past biology. It's so . . . fun you get to do labs and fill out a report about your lesson that you learned. It's soooooooooooo fun I don't know why you think Biology is "HARD". It's NOT. It's fun and educational and amazing. Please don't say that Biology sucks. It doesn't.

    posted by Jacques
  14. biology isnt hard you just have to work at it and you should take good notes and pass the class cause if you don't youll fail the test lol

    posted by Rachel
  15. i love bio i thinks its lifes greatests moments like you can do labs and fill out reports just like a real scientist

    posted by Rachel
  16. i like bio but its hard i like it alright you'll learn to love it too

    posted by Andrew D.
  17. bio is whack

    posted by Miley J.
  18. I'm in bio pre-ap and it isn't too hard, just don't procrastinate

    posted by Anonymous
  19. define abiotic factors and biotic factors

    posted by Anonymous
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    posted by abel
  21. yes i think bio is hard but it is fun

    posted by anna
  22. i'm in high school. Biology isn't fr hard. What we do is keep a composition notebook, and tape our worksheets in it when we are finished so the teacher can grade them the next day. We always take notes when we start a new lesson but that's helping me. The class i'm taking is nothing but fun. We do a lot of projects and a lot of extra credit work. Sometimes it can be a little rough, but that's why you have the teachers, ask for help.

    posted by Jazmyn
  23. Its really not hard at all, I didn't do well because I was just lazy. It's mostly memorization anyways :D

    posted by Al
  24. Lol, Al. ^

    posted by Noemi
  25. Biology isn't really hard, its more complex than it is difficult. I just started Biology 1 this year and so far I LOVE IT. Good Luck!


    posted by Sage
  26. it aint so hard. its actually like studing the environment you leave in. best wishes

    posted by simi
  27. I hate it personally, i prefer math over it. But everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Clearly biology is a weakness

    posted by Chris
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  35. its a living hell
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    posted by Trash_Panda404
  36. biology is easier according to me

    posted by JANET
  37. Dear Trash_Panda404, mami pooep, and Papo pooep,
    Please do not post anything offensive, mean, or any swear words. It is offensive to some religions, and people never like reading mean things.
    Galaxy Fox Girl

    posted by Galaxy Fox Girl

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