I need to find the symmetry of a polynomial function graph. Is this correct?


It is symmetric about x=-1/-2

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asked by Bethany
  1. So I'm a bit confused to what you have done >.<.. To find the symmetry for a trinomial it is 2ax + b = 0. So you'll have to use this equation and solve for x. If you haven't learned this equation yet, a is the coefficient of x^2 and b is the coefficient of x.

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  2. Oh NVM, I see what you did now >.<. You were correct up to x=-2/2=-1. However, your answer is x = -1/-2(which is 1/2)? How did x go from -1 to 1/2 xD?

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  3. My answer is suppose to be x= -1/2. Is that correct?

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    posted by Bethany

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