Help, I don't know where to begin.

Your supervisor would like you to do some research in preparation for an article regarding the application of modern theories of criminal thinking and criminal behavior of famous criminals in American history to be submitted to Criminologist's Quarterly. Using web research and Library resources, prepare an analysis, in a professional format of your choice, of a well-known criminal in American history; you can also choose duos or groups, such as Bonnie & Clyde or The Dalton Gang. Discuss how various psychological and sociological theories of criminal thinking and behavior would explain the criminal's crimes and how they would be classified today. For example, would Jesse James, a criminal who robbed banks with his James' Gang, be considered a psychopath or goal driven property criminal because he stole money or perhaps a member of organized crime because he was in a "gang."

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asked by DD
  1. How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

  2. I'm just not sure where to begin. Who's an interesting gang or person to do this assignment on.

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    posted by DD
  3. Go to google and type in "notorious crimes in American History." There are tons of criminals out there from years past...lots to choose from.

    Take the professor's notes in the assignment and pick out key words and do searches on them. It's the easiest way to work through assignments (on top of reading the books given for each class).

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