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4. The total value of the $1 bills and $5 bills in a cash box is $124. There are 8 more $5 bills than $1 bills. How many of each are there?

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  1. pretend $1 is x
    and $5 is y

    x+8=y *bc you have to add 8 $1 to
    have the same number of $1 as $5

    1x+5y=124 *this is basically saying that there is an "x" number of $1 bill plus a "y" number of $5 will get u $124

    now use elimination:
    since y=x+8 plug "x+8" as "y" in the other equation

    1x+5x+40=124 *distribute

    now plug "x" into the first equation to find y:

    this means that 14 $1 and 22 $5 will get you $124

    now check your answer:
    14+8=22 *correct
    1(14)+5(22)=124 *correct

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