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Would someone be willing to edit this paragraph? It's part of a three page paper that is supposed to be a new chapter in Don Quixote. I don't really know when to use imperfect and when to use the preterite, or how to phrase things in Spanish.

Después de Don Quixote de La Mancha luchó Carasco y perdió, Carasco comandó Don Quixote ir a su casa. Don Quixote prometió volver a La Mancha y parar siendo un caballero errante. Tan, Don Quixote y Sancho Panza empezaron en sus viajes. Pero en la manera ellos encontraron algunas problemas.

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asked by Katie
  1. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some postings I did last month on the Preterit & Imperfect:

    Preterit vs. Imperfect:

    P.S. :

    Imagine (if it isn't included above) a SNAP SHOT (over & done with) = Preterit vs. a MOVIE CAMERA (keep rolling to get it while it's happening.)

    Now, let's consider your paragraph .
    Después de is a preposition. Memorize this "after a preposition ONLY an infinitive if a verb follows" = Despues de luchar y perder contra Carasco, Don Quixote etc. le comandó a Don Quixote (personal "a" before a direct object that is a person .

    2nd sentence D. Q le prometió, etc. "parar siendo" = to stop being??? I'm not sure exactly what you wanted to say here. 3rd sentence = "So" will NOT be "tan " but "Así or Por eso"

    D Q y S P empezaron eu su viaje (singular unless each one began a different tri p.)

    4th sentence = "On the way" is NOT manera. "En el camino" is far better.
    Memorize this "el problema con el problema es que es EL" = meaning problemas is a masculine word = algunos problemas.

    Here's a little lesson on HOW TO USE A DICTIONARY.
    1. take the English word "way" and look it up.
    2. write down ALL Spanish possibilities: camino; dirección, sentido; manera, modo; costumbre, hábito (I only wrote nouns because that's what you require here.)
    3. now look up EACH Spanish word for the primary English meaning. You'll find surprises.
    4. select the BEST word based on the context, or exactly how it is used.

    Feel free to ask any questions you may have.


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  2. Thanks, that is very helpful. In the second sentence I was trying to say to stop being; is that incorrect?

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    posted by Katie
  3. Yes! To stop (for variety) could also be: detener de ser / dejar de ser (more idiomatic than "parar siendo."


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