Consider a single photon with a wavelength of λ, a frequency of ν, and an energy of E. What is the wavelength, frequency, and energy of a pulse of light containing 100 of these photons?

A)100λ, 100ν, and E
B)0.01λ, ν, and 100E
C)λ, ν, and 100E
D)0.01λ, 0.01ν, and 0.01E
E)100λ, 100ν, and 100E

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  1. C)λ, ν, and 100E

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  2. Since energy is proportional to the number of photons, you often see energy of light expressed in joules per mole of photons (J/mol.) However, you will never see wavelength or frequency expressed in terms of moles. So the answer is C) λ, ν, and 100E.

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