My tescher gave me this 200 word essay on this topic but I'm having trouble with some of the prompt.Here it is: Comment faites-vous les courses? Decrivez vos habitudes:dans quels supermarches aimez-vous allez? Dans quels rayons trouvez-vous les choses que vous aimez? Qu'est-ce que vous achetez et poerquoi? Est-ce que vos habitudes sont en train de changer?

I think it says - How do you shop? Write your habits: In what supermarket do you like to go? What department do you find products you like? What do you buy and why? Have your habits changed over time?
Can anyone tell me if this is right because it seems a silly essay topic to me?!

yes, your translation is correct.

Thank you I just thnk is a weird prompt to be writing a 200 word essay about.

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Be sure you correct the spelling, adding accents where they belong. The translation is very close. "How do you go shopping? Describe your habits: in which supermarkets do you like to go? In which departments do you find the things that you like? What do you buy and why (check spelling = pourquoi)? Are your habits /customs in the process of changing?"

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asked by aubrey

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