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Can someone please find me essays describing ethos, pathos, logos, in Narrative of Frederick Douglas and Autobiography of Malcolm X? I would greatly appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!

I assume that your assignment is to write essays about ethos, pathos, and logos in those works. I don't know if there are essays online that fulfill these requirements, but I can steer you the right direction in writing your own essays.

First, lets look at what these three terms mean.

Ethos is the establishment of the author's credentials. How is he involved with this topic? How does he convey his concern to the reader?

Pathos is the author's emotional tone -- especially as he conveys it to the reader. How do each of these authors appeal to the readers' emotions?

Logos is the author's appeal to logic -- the intelligence of the reader?

This site has more information about these terms.


Please post the examples you find in Douglass's and Malcolm X's works for ethos, pathos, and logos. We'll be glad to help you develop these examples into your essays.

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asked by Dave

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